Women’s Journey:

Don’t you think things happen when women get together? And how great is it to know this is exactly how God created us; to be intuitively serving Him, listening to His direction for our church body, families and communities. Women’s Journey, (besides laughing a lot) seeks to encourage and inspire women’s Godly journey through knowing God’s word, prayer and refreshing relationships with Christ. We are a great place to get involved, to make life time friends, study God’s word, pray, praise, or simply lean in and listen.

Women’s Journey has much more going on than Bible studies, although Bible studies are our first priority. We have outreach, field trips, pot lucks, game nights and contemplative day and weekend retreats. Plus we sponsor fund raising events. We are a safe place to land. A place where you can get a little involved or a lot involved.

Our goal is to C.A.R.E, be compassionate, available, respectful and encouraging as we grow together in God’s love and the love we have for His daughters.

Come spend some time with us. Typically we meet Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM.

For more information contact
Diane Mecham 970.556.3599
Special Events:
Women’s Journey: Bible Study
Women’s Journey Activities Schedule
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As we land in winter, events are subject to change just like the weather. Thank you in advance for understanding.